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HomeProductsNT BASE 5.0


Never before has logistics played such an important role in our global society. We firmly believe that their importance will further increase. Capacity bottlenecks and skilled labour shortage a shortage will increase the pressure on companies.

In order to optimize transport and storage space, we developed a product in powder form - the NT BASE 5.0. Roughly speaking, the space requirement is halved compared to the NT BASE 4.0.

Long transport routes in particular can thus be implemented in a significantly more economical and ecological manner. In addition, bagged goods show advantages in storage – the product is not sensitive to frost when stored in a dry place.

Another advantage can be seen in the manufacturing process of the dispersion - only as much material is mixed ready for use as is required for the current construction project.

The additive powder is mixed with water in a commercially available, reusable IBC container (intermediate bulk container) and homogenized using an agitator.

All areas of application, the benefits and the processing of the product are analogous to NT BASE 4.0.

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