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NT TOP is used for constructing cement-based surface layers in road engineering projects. Mainly used for cycle paths, park paths, parking lots, yards and rural roads.

In all application fields, the NanoTerra products are an excellent alternative to traditional technologies: cost- and time-saving solutions and environmentally compatible.

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Cost savings in the order if 20% – 30% are attainable via the elimination of the need toexchange the substrate, material supply and transportation, earthmoving operations and soil disposal.


Thanks to its outstanding properties and quality, NT TOP can even be used for road constructions: whenever it is required to avoid tar-coated solutions, but yet the roadway still has to be dust-free, solid and smooth.


The new, extremely durable top coat will be fit for traffic in just twelve hours!


Since the production is completely bitumen-free, this product is even more eco-friendly. Crude oil as resource is being saved and the energy-intensive production of bitumen can be spared in the “cold” production of NT TOP Moreover, there is no disposal needs as all materials are fully utilized.


NT Top enables to:
  • Specify the elastic module of the mixture independently from the amount of cement used. Thus you can define thicknesses and characteristics of the construction layers. With NT TOP you can realize continuous or discontinuous granulometric curves (open grade or close grade).
  • Design your places and pathways with colored and selected aggregates.
  • Build durable, eco-friendly and cost-effective roads in sensitive environments with high resistance to wear and deformation.


Roads built with NT TOP can be realized as single-layer constructions or paved.

Once the ready-mixed and graded material containing NT TOP has been delivered on site, it is applied to all large areas. It is highly recommended that existing connection areas to other types of surfaces be manually completed. The road surface is then compacted by means of a smooth roller before cover paving is applied. The result: limited water accumulation on the surface course.


Surfaces built with NT TOP have the following properties:

  • High water absorption capacity
  • High drainage capacity
  • High level of water distribution for infiltration
  • Small amounts of surface water, i.e. quickly drying surfaces
  • Reduction of inflow ingress into sewer systems
* Condition: verified under laboratory controlled conditions

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